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Drew Brown and Destin Frost met at Brentwood High School in the fall of 2010. School chums with a passion for progressive rock, they quickly added classmate Eric Bezner to their line-up in the spring of 2011. The trio began as a simple classic rock tribute band under the name Vintage Vision, but by 2012 they had branched away from covers and started writing their own original material. After changing their name to Atrophy, they started performing original material at venues in Nashville. The new name gave their audiences an improper idea of the group, and it resulted in changing the name to Arcane Atlas (arcane meaning “ancient or known by few” and atlas meaning “a map of the world”). It was a perfect fit for the vibe they hoped to generate with their music.

Specter’s Attainment, their first EP (produced by Will Lamb), was released on July 26, 2013. By the summer of 2014, they had enough original material for their debut album Constellation Plus (Produced by Marcus Wanner) which was released on August 11, 2014. It included 7 new songs in addition to 5 reworked tracks that originally appeared on Specter’s Attainment. Wanner also supplied several lead guitar riffs and provided additional keyboard work for the record. Soon after the album’s release, however, Bezner left Arcane Atlas to pursue other career opportunities.

In December 2014, Arcane Atlas signed a 3-year promotional distribution contract with Musea Records located in Metz, France for Constellation Plus. In January 2015, Brown and Frost added Si Deane as their new guitarist. Bringing a new feel to the group, the band immediately began working on their sophomore album, Metris (Produced by Marcus Wanner) and released it on February 16, 2016.

In March 2016, Arcane Atlas added keyboard player Will Braun to the group to enhance their live sound in preparation for touring in support of the new album.

Meet the band

Destin Frost

Destin Frost
Gear List

Destin Frost (November 16, 1995) was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and is the eldest of three boys. At a young age, he was fascinated with New Age composer, Yanni. Destin even credits Yanni to developing his love for music. When Destin was seven, his father bought him a keyboard as well as a bass guitar to learn and play along with his father. Soon afterwards, he realized Destin’s approach to a keyboard was very rhythmic and bought him a drum set at age 8. In his freshman year of high school, he was introduced to Drew Brown, a bass player who had a similar passion for music. Drew introduced a new style of music to Destin, and he soon developed a great love for progressive rock and jazz. This greatly affected Destin’s drumming style and approach, so much to the point where Rush’s drummer, Neil Peart, inspired Destin to become a professional drummer. Destin has then since surrounded himself with great prowess of musicianship to master his instrument. He hopes to become a well-respected drummer in the progressive rock community as well as express his creativity through his instrument to create great music.

On the other side of Destin’s instrument, he is an owner of an instructional baseball club in Nashville, Tennessee called The US Baseball Club. He is also a fanatic of the arts like film, television, and art. Destin enjoys teaching, writing, acting, talking about himself in third person and sports like baseball and tennis.

Influences: Rush, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Yanni, Gavin Harrison, Steely Dan, Yes

Drew Brown

Drew Brown
Gear List

Drew Brown (April 16, 1996) started playing bass at around the age of 12. His father, a guitar player, bought him the bass, and simply out of courtesy and respect towards his father, he continued to play and take lessons. He actually much preferred the art of acting in his youth. All of this changed in the summer of 2010 when he listened to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. Never before had music had such an impact on him personally. He discovered a passion for music at this point and decided he wanted to play with other musicians. Since then, he has been influenced by progressive rock bands and wishes to be a professional bass player.

Outside of the band, Drew is pursuing a film degree at Western Kentucky University with a minor in Russian. He started making films with his sister at a young age, and he dabbled in acting in elementary and middle school. He still enjoys acting, but with his film degree he hopes to become a film editor some day. His main goal, however, is to make a living playing and writing music with Arcane Atlas.

Influences: Genesis, King Crimson, Rush, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Pat Metheny

Si Deane

Si Deane
Gear List

Si Deane (July 16, 1996) has been a self-taught guitarist from the age of 6. After digging through his fathers old CD collection, he came across the album “Best of Both Worlds” by Van Halen and after that day like so many other guitarists, he was determined to play like Eddie. He even played “Eruption” at his 5th grade talent show. Since his discovery of the expansive reaches of the guitar, Si has wanted nothing more than to be a professional musician.

In addition to playing guitar hours a day, Si is a freshman at Belmont University studying Music Business and Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Legal Studies. Si is extremely involved in local and state politics as well. He is founder and president of College Democrats of Belmont, Director of Political Affairs for College Democrats for the State of Tennessee, elected member of the Student Government, and Deputy Treasurer of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature. Although Si is very active outside of the band, his true passion is making music with Arcane Atlas.

Influences: Santana, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Pat Metheny, Satriani, Clapton, Eric Johnson


Constellation Plus (2014)

1. Constellation Plus
2. Static Perception
3. Canvas
4. Tessellate
5. For His Majesty
6. Sample
7. Fellowship / Thought of Reason
8. Estuary
9. In Motu Vero
10. Ataraxia
11. Self Sufficient
12. Once Tomorrow, Then Always

Metris (2016)

1. Metris Tsemär (I. Lestur's Spirit. II. Tïrupin. III. Spark of Creation. IV. Realization. V. The Battle. VI. Pelisage.)
2. Break
3. Aubrey
4. The Mark
5. Tomahawk Man
6. Small Things


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